Pastor Ernesto is acting as the hands and feet of Jesus to a Spanish-speaking audience. Here are just a few of the personal testimonies we’ve received about the ways Encuentro has changed their lives.

“God has put you in my life. I asked Him to bring someone into my life to give me spiritual advice.”
Stephanie, Listener in Texas

“Hi brother Ernesto. I am from Peru. I am married and I always listen to your radio programs. Your advice helps me a lot in how to educate my children. Please continue Pastor Ernesto. God bless you.”
Joseph, Listener in Peru

“Greetings to Pastor Pinto and his Encuentro program team! For me this is one of my favourite programs because it brings a real message of what God does in the lives of people today. Thank you!”
Orozco, Listener from Mexico

The Lord has called us all to use the gifts He’s given to serve others and glorify His Name. For Pastor Ernesto Pinto, God placed a passion in his heart to reach Spanish-speaking people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your gifts today help us to produce more episodes of Encuentro so we can reach more Spanish-speaking families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you.