Be surprised by God…

The story of Queen Esther inspired me. This young royal risked everything when she pled for the safety of her people to her husband the King. Queen Esther was exactly where God had put her. I thought, “I am a nurse. I speak Low German. And I’m available. I will speak for my people.”

This past fall I travelled in Bolivia and handed out copies of “Hast Du Aul Jeläst?”. This simple book of fables is written for children, but as I read it, I noticed the mothers, grandmothers, even fathers inch forward.

It’s a unique culture. I am building relationships through these books and sharing the love of God by being a friend and support. I’ve learned quickly that talking about Jesus is unwelcome in open conversations.

But God has not let this door close. Instead, He is working in other ways.

Through Square One, God opened a door. One I never dreamt of walking through. I became the host of a radio program: Health Talks with Nurse Irene. The opportunities I have today are because of your prayers and support.

Nursing gives me a unique opportunity to reach out to people. It allows me to speak personally to the women living in Low German-speaking communities. Women often share their pain with me. It breaks my heart to listen, but it is an opportunity to reach out to them in compassion and share the love of Jesus Christ with them.

Will you join me in praying for these women, and for the Lord to bring hope and healing into these painful situations. Only God can change hearts.

Thank you,
Irene Marsh