God is working

A powerful transformation

Nikolay was a prominent TV personality in Ukraine. Under the Soviet regime, he was a strong supporter of communism. For more than 20 years, his voice could be heard promoting communist ideology at public events.

When his granddaughter began working at the Bible Today studio, he was wary. He thought she was being influenced by a dangerous cult. So he personally went to check it out. As he frequented the studio, he began to see the creative power of the program and the technical quality. God opened his eyes to the Truth of Jesus Christ.

Today, Nikolay volunteers as a voice actor in the studio. Once one of the strongest voices for the Communist Regime, now a committed believer in Jesus Christ…. Our God is powerful indeed!

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God is working

“Sometimes I felt completely helpless. The "School of Parenting" project helped me understand that my children’s behaviour is the result of trauma from separation with their father and the fear of losing me. I stopped being so nervous, stopped having emotional breakdowns and started creating the ambiance of safety and confidence in my family. But the most important thing is that I have strengthened my faith in God and got hope that I almost lost due to all the circumstances.” The Bible Today is a source of strength for Olga, a mother of 4 children, struggling to raise her family since her husband left.

The “Grey zone”

Many citizens of Donbass, once a vibrant industrial centre, have fled. The region lies between Ukraine and Russia – a zone of terror and military action.

A parent in that region writes: “Our children live in constant stress and anxiety since we have to hide from the shootings in the cellar almost every day.  Your Bible-based cartoons immerse our children in the atmosphere of God’s love and safety and that’s what they lack in real life.”

The team in Ukraine thanks you, our partners in prayer and financial support. Because of your support, they are able to distribute the videos of their children's programs, giving families access to videos at no charge. Our God is doing a powerful work in Ukraine. He has not forgotten these people – even though most others have.