God’s Plan is Bigger

We recently received this letter from a woman named Lauren who lives in Indiana. She’s been using Micah’s Super Vlog in her Sunday School classes and it’s helping these children learn English. Praise God!

Thank you so much for the links to the new episodes of Micah’s Super Vlog. The kids will be so glad! They ask about them every week.

I co-teach Sunday School at a Korean church…. The beauty of Micah’s Super Vlog is that it is entertaining for the kids. We have a mix of ages but also of language abilities. We tend to teach everything in both English and Korean, as some students speak one language more comfortably than the other. I even have some new students who speak almost no English. To have a video that they can enjoy even if they cannot completely understand it, is really helpful. For all of the kids, having a short video is a nice break from just listening to the teacher, and it is a nice way to emphasize the fruit we are trying to teach on. There are lots of wonderful verses in the Bible, but some of those concepts are really hard for younger kids to understand. So I have been incorporating the video each week as a fun way of learning about the Fruits of the Spirit. They are also good for giving the kids ideas about what each fruit means and how they might bear that fruit in their own lives. 

I think it’s a great series. Thank you so much!

I’m so grateful that Lauren finds Micah’s Super Vlog helpful in her Sunday School classrooms. But I’m even more astounded that it is helping children learn English!

If you’ve not had a chance to meet Micah, have a quick look at what you’re missing:

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