It’s time to celebrate!

It’s time for a celebration!

My friends, you have done well! You have made it possible to reach men, women, children and young people in English, Low German, High German, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian and Arabic. You stood by us each step of the way, encouraging us through your prayers, your messages and your donations. You are the backbone of our team.

I want you to know that we continue to focus on three critical goals:

  1. to produce Christ-centred media;
  2. to introduce our audience to the saving power of Jesus Christ;
  3. to help people grow as disciples of our Lord.

These goals centre us. They help us understand our place in Christian ministry.

We make sure that we use technology to tell the age-old story: Jesus Christ came to earth. He lived as a man, tempted the same way as you and I. Then, in a twist that only God could imagine, Jesus, His only Son whom He loved so much, was led to the cross and killed. Through His death, we are given life. In three days, our Saviour rose, conquering death once and for all.

My friends, we still have a great dream and we know that with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). I thank you for your support.

In Christ’s love,

Shoaib Ebadi
Executive Director