Marina was called… It scared her…

More than 20 years ago, Ernesto planted a small seed in my mind: why don’t you produce a radio program for women?

I buried that seed. I am a pastor’s wife; a mother. God had already planted me right here, to support my family. But in the back of my mind, for all those years, the seed of producing a program for women was germinating.

You see, women in many Spanish-speaking communities struggle. They carry a heavy burden as they try to support their husbands and children. They face very difficult challenges. Over the years, I have counselled many women who called or wrote in response to Ernesto’s program. I heard their desperation as they shared their stories. I had no doubt that without Jesus Christ, they could not live with the hope of a better life.

God was calling me to minister to them, but I confess, I was scared.

I do not have Bible School training. I am not a preacher or even a trained communicator. I didn’t even know where to start.

But God kept nudging me. So two years ago, I started putting the program together. Every day I remind myself, God is with me. It is difficult for me. But there is also a great joy when I hear about the many women who look forward to those 15-minute programs. Program managers in stations around the world are writing back and asking for more programs. Here’s just one message we received:

Your programs are such a big blessing because the topics talk about our families. We encourage you to continue. Even if you don’t feel it, thousands of kilometres away your programs are being a help in a society that is so needy of God…” (Karine, from Argentina).

There is a common thread in the comments we receive: “We would like to air your programs more often, but need more of them....”

God is truly affirming our work.

I thank you personally for the support you give. I know that this would not be possible without your prayers, your encouragement for the team at Square One and your financial support.