Reach the forgotten with the Light of the Gospel.

Jacob remembers a trip to Mexico where a couple told him their story.

The husband had had an affair. When it was exposed, he made things right with the church and tried to mend the marriage. But he couldn’t find peace.

The wife suggested they listen to Light of the Gospel together.

That week, the program was about the Prodigal Son. The husband told Jacob, “Whatever you said that day, you said directly to me.” The husband got down on his knees and turned his life back to the Father.

Jacob describes this as freedom from sin, freedom from rules, and freedom to have joy again.

You can help share the Light of the Gospel with people in Low German-speaking communities with your gift today.

Jacob has seen first-hand the ways God is at work in these communities. He tells us, “God allows us to see some tangible fruits of our efforts in His service… these are the tremendous blessings we experience when we are faithful.”

The need is great. We stand faithful with Jacob, the people he serves and you, our valuable supporter. Thank you for bringing the Light of the Gospel to Low German-speaking communities.

In Christ,
Shoaib Ebadi
Executive Director