Sharing the Message of God’s Love and Acceptance with Teen Girls

In Middle School, Kaylyn struggled with self-worth and self-image issues. She was always feeling down on herself. She felt uncertain about the future. Then she attended a BUgirl event and everything changed...

Kaylyn discovered that Jesus loves her; that God has an amazing future planned for her; and that she’s okay – just the way she is! Now Kaylyn is spreading this message as our new host for BUgirl.

The Square One Board of Directors recently heard Kaylyn share how girls from all over Canada and the U.S. need access to the amazing BUgirl event she attended. But it’s just too expensive to go to every community.

Her plan is to create the “event” in twenty 5 to 8-minute web programs where we can bring the message of Jesus’ love to girls who so desperately need to know they are accepted just as they are.

Each program costs $2,500 to produce. We can deliver it on YouTube at no additional cost.

Your gift of $50, $100 or whatever God puts on your heart, helps us equip Kaylyn and her team to move forward with the first phase of the program. Our prayer is that we will be ready to release a new program every two weeks beginning in September.

Today’s messaging to young girls is based on lies. Too many girls carry the pain of self-loathing with them for their entire lives. Eating disorders, shopping addictions, drugs, alcohol and abusive relationships start with the seed of self-hatred. But Jesus loves His children just as they are.

Help us bring the message of God’s love to young girls. They are beautiful, unique and created in Christ.


Shoaib Ebadi
Executive Director