Beautiful Unique Girl

Based on Psalm 139, Beautiful Unique Girl is a TV show that is designed to inspire North American girls ages 13 - 19 to know that God loves them; that God has a purpose for their lives that far outreaches the lies general society tries to instill about who they should be; and that God longs to be in relationship with them through Jesus Christ. Each episode focuses on a specific topic such as forgiveness, bullying, self-image, and dating through short teaching segments, personal stories, and creative arts segments such as slam poetry, dance and original music performances.

The Beautiful Unique Girl TV show is currently airing on HOPE TV on Mondays at 4:00 pm Central Time. Each episode can be viewed online at And finally, the full episodes as well as shorter teaching segments can be viewed on the Beautiful Unique Girl YouTube channel.

Currently in production: a series of webisodes with host Kaylyn Holmes, a former BUgirl intern who travelled across Canada to bring the message of Jesus’ love to teen girls. Kaylyn is excited to bring aspects of the live event to girls in every community through YouTube. These episodes (each 3 – 8 minutes long) will be released bi-weekly, beginning in September, to coincide with the 2017 / 18 school year.

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