The Bible Today

The Bible Today-Ukraine produces Christ-centered programs for radio, TV, and the internet. 

The Bible Today: A 15-minute radio program for the 45+ demographic that teaches listeners that the Bible is neither ancient nor modern, but eternal. Hosted by Alex Morozov.

For the Sake of Love:  A radio program hosted by Natalia Chernomor that teaches Christian principles for building successful marriage and parenting relationships. 

Stories: New in 2019, Stories is a podcast for young adults that shares what people can do when they think outside the box and put their trust in God. Hosted by siblings Andrei and Yulia Chernomor.

Social Media: and Social Media posts – Andrey Chernomor shares the truth and hope of Scripture through regular posts on the “Solenyi” (Salt) Blog and on social media sites like Instagram. 

For more information, and to listen to episodes, visit the The Bible Today Ukraine website.

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