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Ella's Backyard

Television and Online Video for Children | Language: Russian

For over 20 years, Ella’s Backyard has been capturing the imaginations and hearts of Russian-speaking children and teens through a uniquely Russian style of storytelling and music.


Our producers carry on the legacy of sharing the Gospel with Russian-speaking people that was begun by Square One World Media in 1957. Because people today go online to search for the answers to their questions, all Ella’s Backyard videos are available on YouTube where they get an average of 3,000 views per day. Views come from 90 different countries, with Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan being the top three.

Kids can choose from more than 300 episodes, from a variety of series:

  • Ella's Backyard Vlog

  • Ella”s Bible Secrets

  • Land of the Golden Sun

  • Mushroom Tales (available in both  Russian and Ukrainian)

  • Ella’s Backyard (available in both Russian and Ukrainian)

  • Fun Morning Exercises with Ella

On Ella’s Backyard Vlog, the current series from our Russian media creators, Ella uses science, music, archeology, video games, and much more to answer the important questions kids and teens have about faith. Ella video-calls with her friends, gets help from her smart assistant Phil, and incorporates wisdom from the Bible to show her audience that God’s love for them is real.


And new in 2022 are Ella’s Bible Secrets - shorts where Ella shares secrets found in her favourite Bible verses about things like serenity, wisdom, sound sleep, and strength.


Everything on the Ella’s Backyard YouTube channel – Vlogs, Shorts, Posts, and Polls – interacts with the audience, shares the Good News, and points people to Jesus.






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"Nice and kind stories, made with love. The creators are doing a good job!... Thank you."



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