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Ella's Backyard

Television and Online Video for Children | Language: Russian

For over 20 years, the creators of Ella’s Backyard have been using a uniquely Russian style of storytelling and music to capture the imagination of Russian-speaking children around the world.  To date, there are over 270 episodes from 4 different series:


All episodes can be viewed on YouTube, the platform most accessible to children in Russia today. The Ella’s Backyard programs get an average of 3,000 views per day, from 90 different countries. Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine are the top three countries. 

*Press the "CC" button within the video player for English subtitles.

The latest series is Ella’s Backyard Vlog where Ella video calls with her friends and - with the help of her smart assistant Phil - talks about things like the power of words, music, DNA, and space. Because kids from the former Soviet Union are taught to choose science over faith, Ella incorporates wisdom from the Bible to show that science actually points to the Creator, and that God's love for them is real.  


The producers of Ella’s Backyard carry on the legacy of sharing the Gospel with Russian-speaking people that was begun by Square One World Media (then called Gospel Light Hour) in 1957. 


“After 70 years of atheism, the Russian people live in a true spiritual wilderness. The vision of our team is to be the voice crying in the wilderness about the Saviour. We use puppets, animation, music, and kid-friendly language to reach children for Jesus. To tell them about a different destiny they can have in Christ.” – Garri Sergienko, Ella’s Backyard producer






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"I've been watching your show for 13 years."