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Gladys Interviews Irene About “Tears and Grief” on Een scheenet Läwen

Gladys Rempel (left), with Irene Marsch on the set of Een scheenet Läwen.

The first of 3 episodes of Een scheenet Läwen (A Good Life) that feature interviews with Irene Marsch just released on YouTube.

When Gladys Rempel, host of A Good Life, wanted to broach the topic of grief on her show, she invited Irene to join her. Irene, who released the book, Tronnen un Trua (Tears and Grief) in early 2020, is a retired nurse and experienced speaker. She had her own radio program at Square One until 2019 and is a well-known personality among women in Low German communities. In fact, Irene was on tour in Mexico in March, 2020 to teach about grieving and to distribute Tears and Grief when she was called home home early because of the pandemic.

Gladys was excited to have Irene join her because she knows the topic of grief is very real for her listeners. “I believe Irene’s knowledge and experience will really help to free my listeners to love the life God gave them. And together, we can have more of an impact than I could on my own,” she says.

Working together is beneficial for both Irene and Gladys who minister to a similar audience through their work at Square One. For Irene, it’s an opportunity to let A Good Life viewers know that her books are available to them. And for Gladys, it’s an opportunity to go deep into topics - like grief - that are often not spoken about in ultra-conservative communities.

Irene and Gladys each have an established following. By appearing together, their audiences are both exposed to a broader scope of information, Christian values, and resources. Irene also comments on the opportunity to show an example of trust.

“Working together always requires building trusting relationships,” explains Irene. “I hope to show that – as we work together and trust each other – we can be stronger in our work and accomplish more.”

Irene is amazed at God’s timing in leading her to write a book about grief just as a global pandemic was about to begin. “The COVID Virus has robbed many families of a dear spouse, parent, or child. Death and grief have come to many lives. They have caused deep wounds and some complex changes that can seem insurmountable. By doing the video with Gladys, I hope to offer Tears and Grief as a resource and comfort for those who are grieving, and point others to the importance of walking alongside grieving individuals and families, especially at this time of many unexpected losses.”

Irene’s latest book was just released in October. Entitled Vebroaken un Vestoaken (Broken and Unnoticed), it is about domestic violence. Gladys plans to interview Irene again in the new year for a series on that topic.

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