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Spreading the life-changing message of Jesus Christ through media

Christ-centred programs for all ages and audiences.

Square One World Media shares the Good News of Jesus Christ with people around the world: in languages they can understand, in formats they can access, and with content that invites and challenges audiences of all ages.


With a vision of spreading the life-changing message of Jesus Christ through media...


we encourage, equip and empower passionate Christian storytellers.


Transforming lives through media.

Your generous donation will help change lives. The majority of Square One’s budget comes from individual donors. Thank you for choosing to partner with us.

Low German Media Resources

Low German is the language of the heart for over 4 million people in the world. Square One World Media is one of the few producers of radio, video, and print resources that introduce some Low German-speakers to a new relationship with Jesus Christ, and encourage others to grow in their long-held faith.

The latest from Square One

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