Fundraising & Legacy Gifts

How We Fundraise

We at Square One World Media Inc. are accountable for every dollar that we raise and spend, with our Board of Directors ensuring accountability and transparency of our financial practices.

We operate on a January to December fiscal year. Prior to the start of each new fiscal year, a fundraising goal amount for each project is established. Each gift will be used as designated with the understanding that when that need has been met or cannot be completed for reasons determined by the organization, the remainder of the gift will be used where needed most.


Square One World Media has earned the right to display the Canadian Centre of Christian Charities' (CCCC) Seal of AccountabilityThe Seal of Accountability indicates that Square One adheres to high standards, is operating with integrity and is certified by the CCCC, an independent standards setting organization. The CCCC Seal is a sign that you can give with confidence.

Legacy Gifts

What heritage of faith will you leave behind? We would be honoured to help you ensure that your estate plans reflect your priorities for many years to come. Your generosity will help to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with people around the world. Legacy giving is a special, carefully planned contribution that provides the opportunity to create a heritage much bigger than what any one of us can accomplish on our own.

As one of our legacy donors states, a bequest enabled her to realize the following dream: 

"I want to be part of where God is working. I want to give the money God has entrusted to me to ministries that are faithful in preaching and teaching the truth of God's Word and are committed to prayerfully relying on God's Spirit to lead and move. I want to encourage others to be blessed from giving as I have been!"​

Ways to Give

Legacy giving is usually a gift that comes from your estate or assets, not current income, providing a tax-effective way to satisfy your current financial needs while ensuring your future legacy. This may be the most significant charitable donation you will make in your lifetime.

  • Bequests can be a percentage of your total estate or a specific dollar amount.

  • Endowments (like The HIStory Endowment Project) honour the memory of a family member or another loved one, providing a gift that lives on since only the income from the endowment is used annually.

  • Donations can be gifts of cash; or of publicly traded securities, life insurance policies, real estate, or property.

Learn More About Legacy Giving

Square One World Media works with Abundance Canada to assist you in understanding the various options for planned giving and ensuring that your estate plans reflect your wishes and values. With no additional cost to you or Square One World Media, Abundance Canada can help walk you through the choices and steps required to make a legacy gift.

Contact Shoaib Ebadi at, or Abundance Canada for more information.​