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Tell us Your Story... so we can tell HIS!

At Square One World Media, we believe that sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ is the most meaningful work God gives us to do.

We also believe that each member of the Square One community has a story of faith to be told, and that by telling those stories, we are telling HIS story.


The HIStory Giving Project was launched in 2019; an initiative designed to provide a secure source of operational funding for Square One and at the same time capture the lives and stories of our dedicated supporters.

Our supporters truly are the heart of our community. Every prayer, dollar, and note of encouragement over Square One’s 75 years has formed us into the organization we are today. An organization built determinedly on faithfulness to God.

We are pleased to offer The HIStory Giving Project as a way of ensuring the longevity and legacy of Square One World Media both as a charitable organization and as a community.

In exchange for a legacy contribution (made in your lifetime or as part of your estate) to Square One's Endowment Fund, we would like to capture your story in a beautifully written and designed book for you to take home as well as including it in Square One's collection of Giving Project Stories.


Your gift to the Endowment Fund will generate interest that in turn becomes annual income for the work of the ministry in perpetuity. This results in a heritage of faith that will not only continue through your written and published story, but also through the continued spread of the Good News of Jesus to people around the globe for generations to come.


Read The HIStory Giving Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to write my own story?
    No. Square One sends a Story Writer to interview each project participant, no matter where you live. You could also choose to do the interview over phone or video call. The interview process is casual and light-hearted.
  • How much of my time will be required?
    The interview process takes approximately 4-8 hours, depending on a number of factors, and can take place over a couple of days as needed. The more prepared you are for your interview, the faster the process will go.
  • How long are the stories?
    Stories will be about 1,500-1,800 words in length, or about 20 pages. Approximately 10-12 personal photos will be chosen to accompany each story.
  • Will I be on video?
    No. Participants are interviewed in person for their story, but will not be filmed.
  • What can I expect from the interview process?
    Square One would set up an interview between you and our Story Writer at a time and place that is most comfortable for you. We’ll gladly come to your home, meet with you at your office, a coffee shop, or wherever you choose. If you prefer a phone or video call interview, that can be arranged as well. Our Story Writer will sit down with you casually to ask you about your life story and collect photos from you.
  • May a participant write the story of another family member?
    Yes, project participants may choose to write the story of their parents, grandparents, or any other family member they wish to memorialize.
  • How can I prepare for my interview?
    What is it about your story that makes it uniquely yours? Consider things like: · family history and childhood influences · family immigration stories · goals and decisions that set the direction of your life · guiding values · important accomplishments · failures or disappointments that turned out to be good later on · anecdotes that reveal personality · surprises, blessings, challenges and adversities · wisdom to live by (received from others, or learned through experience) We’d like to include about 10 photos in your book. Take some time to choose photos that are meaningful to you and that reflect your life over time.
  • Will I be able to review my story before it is finalized?
    Yes, a draft of your story will be sent to you before it is finalized, so that we can make sure all the details are correct. Our Story Writer will work with you to make sure it is just right before it is sent off to be bound.
  • How do I receive my story?
    Your story will be sent to you in a beautiful heirloom book that can be passed on through your family for generations. As project participants are located across the country, the book will be sent by mail. We suggest setting aside a moment, and perhaps gathering family together, to open and review the book for the first time.
  • May only Winnipeggers become participants in the HIStory Giving Project?
    No. The HIStory Giving Project is meant for members of the Square One community, no matter where they are located. We will do our best to make sure our Story Writer can come to you for the interview process. Otherwise, we will arrange a way to perform the interview in a phone or video call.
  • What happens to the stories once they are written?
    In addition to the book participants will receive personally, all stories will be bound in a book located at the Square One offices in Winnipeg, and will be published on the Square One website for anyone to read. In this way, others can be encouraged by our participants’ journey of faith. If you would like to opt out of having your story on the internet, you will be allowed to do so.
  • Does my story have to be public?
    No. Participants can choose to opt out of having their story published on Square One’s website.
  • What costs are involved in becoming a Participant in the HIStory Giving Project?
    There are no immediate costs to becoming a participant to The HIStory Giving Project. Participants are expected to leave a bequest to Square One’s Endowment Fund held at Abundance Canada. Alternatively, participants can choose to make a gift to the Endowment Fund in their lifetime. There is no required gift amount, however we encourage participants to think of this as a last gift that reflects your commitment and hope to the furthering of God’s kingdom; a statement of your faith values.
  • What is my donation used for?
    Your donation will go to Square One’s Endowment Fund (officially known as “The HIStory Endowment Project Fund”), held at Abundance Canada (formerly Mennonite Foundation of Canada). Funds given to the Endowment Fund become investment capital that generates interest. The interest, in turn, becomes annual income for the annual work of Square One World Media, and ensures consistent support for the ministry for many years to come. Thus, through The HIStory Giving Project, your story and your generosity live on beyond your lifetime.
  • Do I have to leave a gift in my will to participate in the project?
    No. Participants can choose to make a gift to the Endowment Fund in their lifetime. There is no required gift amount, however we encourage participants to think of this as a gift that reflects your commitment and hope to the furthering of God’s kingdom; a statement of your faith values.
  • Why leave a gift in my will?
    Wills are considered a final statement of our life values. A willed gift from your estate is a carefully prepared and meaningful way to extend your generosity beyond your lifetime. Your planned gift to Square One means that – together – we can keep sharing the hope of Jesus Christ around the globe for generations to come. Willed gifts come from your estate, not your annual income. This gives you a tax-effective way to provide for your current financial needs while ensuring your future legacy.
  • How do I leave a gift in my will to the project?
    Square One works with Abundance Canada (formerly Mennonite Foundation of Canada), to help our donors with leaving a gift in their estate. If you already have a will, Abundance Canada can advise you on appropriate wording for your will, to ensure your support ends up in the correct place. If you do not have a will, Abundance Canada can also offer advice on how to get you started. Abundance Canada offers these services free of charge, with no commissions, hidden fees, or products to sell. All of their work is based on a biblical approach to generosity. Contact Abundance Canada at or 1-800-772-3257.
  • Can I leave a gift in my will to Square One but not participate in the HIStory Giving Project?
    Absolutely! The project is something you can choose to opt in to or out of.
  • How does someone become a participant in the HIStory Giving Project?
    Anyone interested in becoming a HIStory Giving Project participant should contact the Square One World Media office at 1-800-565-1810 or
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