Staff & Board

Shoaib Ebadi
Executive Director
Heriberto Ayala
Production Assistant, Spanish Media
Eric Boorman
Donor Relations & Production
Rein Cabalquinto
Communications & Video Editor Assistant
Nicole Duerksen
Administrator, Spanish Media
Brenda Grant
Accounting Clerk
Grant Hoeppner
Production Manager
Stu Hunnable
Marketing & Distribution Coordinator
Ingrid Koss
Communications Writer
Eli Melsness
Media Production Assistant
Albina Nikitina
Producer, Russian Media
Ernesto Pinto
Director & Producer, Spanish Media
David Pinto
Assistant Producer, Spanish Media
Marina Pinto
Producer & Radio Host, Spanish Media
Nora Plett
Operations Manager
Brian Reimer
IT Technician
Garri Sergienko
Producer, Russian Media
Emily Wiebe
Manager of Development

Our Board

J.C. is the owner of Big Tree Properties, Winkler, MB and is an active member of the Winkler M.B. Church. J.C.'s introduction to Square One began with his participation at two Pastors Conferences with Ernesto Pinto of the Spanish Ministry: one in Honduras followed by one in Nicaragua.

"I feel extremely blessed to be a part of the Square One World Media team. Their creativity, efficiency and willingness to share and cooperate with other agencies make me proud to be a part of this great work."

JC Peters
Board Chair

Scott is the Associate Pastor at Portage Avenue Church in Winnipeg and has been in pastoral ministry since 1997.  Along with his wife and their two children, serving the Lord has always been in the family’s DNA.  In addition to church ministry, Scott is also the chaplain for the Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball club.


"Square One is so exciting to me because it is a part of how the Good News is preached throughout the whole world so that all nations will hear it, as Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24.  The global scope of this ministry thrills me and compels me to be a part of what God is doing in preaching to all nations!"

Scott Koop
Board Vice-Chair

Marj has worked in the charitable sector for most of her career, with key planning and development roles at the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba and at the Assiniboine Park Conservancy. She
has been active with a house church since 2001.


"In my involvement with the development of Square One’s HIStory Endowment Project, I have become more familiar with the staff and with the ministry. I look forward to working with this organization as it continues to evolve its leadership in Christ-centered media."

Marj Wiebe
Board Secretary / Treasurer

Henry is a retired educator having worked for many years in both the public and Christian school systems, as well as serving as a correctional educator for a federal institution. Henry attends McIvor Avenue M.B. Church in Winnipeg, MB.


"Square One World Media allows me to contribute to building God's kingdom. God has blessed Square One with the ability to shine His light into the dark places around our world with the Good News that Jesus Saves."

Henry Reimer
Board Member

Ruth manages online learning systems in a University setting and has years of experience with various digital/online technologies. Ruth attends Sargent Avenue Mennonite Church and enjoys volunteering at the MCC Thrift Store and on short-term mission trips. She believes that true joy can be found in Christian service: service brings joy, and joy brings service!


"Most of my service opportunities have involved rebuilding after natural disasters. I have been searching and praying for an opportunity to use my technology expertise to serve, and I have found that opportunity at Square One.”  

Ruth Dahl
Board Member

Orlando is an award-winning Filmmaker with a Master’s degree in Producing for Film & TV from the New York Film Academy. He has worked in New York and Los Angeles. As a Christ-follower, Orlando uses his company, Prairie Boy Productions, to change the status quo for the positive. He consulted on the Micah’s Super Vlogseries and is delighted by its success.


"I am very interested in the media work Square One engages in around the world. Spreading the Word of God in an accessible way through media is a mission field I feel compelled to contribute to.”

Orlando Braun
Board Member
Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 4.32.29 PM.png

Claudius is the Faculty Development Consultant at Red River College, an instructor at University of Winnipeg, and a member of New Beginnings Church. He has over 25 years of experience with media and educational technology, technology training, and teaching development. He is passionate about using his talents to serve God. 


“I believe media‐based ministries need not only talented producers, but also board members who have the experience to understand what they need, the vision to create and sustain opportunities, and the sensitivity to communicate effectively with practitioners.”

Claudius Soodeen
Board Member

Derek is a CPA and the Chief Financial Officer at Concordia Wellness Projects in Winnipeg. He has been a Sunday School teacher, on church council, and a board member / treasurer with Youth For Christ Winnipeg. Derek attends Calvary Temple where he got to know Shoaib Ebadi while serving at Beyond the Walls. 


“My faith and family are important priorities that guide my decisions. I find it rewarding to support ministries that share the life changing message of Jesus Christ and I look forward to making a positive contribution at Square One."

Derek Reimer
Board Member

Amber is a professional communicator, experienced in broadcast media and journalism. She has worked in radio, TV, and full-time ministry. Amber is the Director of Digital Communications at Church of the Rock in Winnipeg, is the founder and President of indiZo Productions (a live event production company), produces an internet radio show (Sunday Morning Power & Praise), and is a lead singer for “The Goods”!


“I love being a part of work with an eternal impact. Square One uses

broadcasting and story-telling (two things I’m passionate about) to reach so many with the Gospel. I am thrilled to help facilitate that in any way I can.“ 

Amber Anderson Skrabek
Board Member