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Our History

Square One World Media has been producing Christ-centred programming since 1947. Beginning with a simple radio program, our work has expanded to include television and online media. Yet even as our format changes, our commitment to delivering the Good News of Jesus Christ in a language people understand has not changed.

1947 - 1975

Our Origins:  Gospel Light Hour

In 1947, a small group of Bible College students dreamt of using radio to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with their English-speaking Winnipeg neighbours. The program, called Gospel Light Hour, aired on February 23, 1947 on CKRC in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This began a movement based on prayer, vision, volunteerism and sacrificial giving.

The young ministry quickly expanded to include radio broadcasts in German, Russian, and Low German. Gospel Light Hour experienced early and overwhelming support from the community, evidenced by a loyal base of partners that included a team of 150 volunteers.

1975 - 2000

Mennonite Brethren

From the beginning, Gospel Light Hour had strong ties within the Mennonite Brethren community and, in 1954, the Manitoba Mennonite Brethren Conference adopted the radio ministry as an official agency of the conference. Almost 20 years later, and still under the direction of the Manitoba Mennonite Brethren Conference, Gospel Light Hour experienced its first name change, becoming Mennonite Brethren Communications in 1976.


From its roots as a radio ministry, Mennonite Brethren Communications branched out into other forms of media including print, television, music and in-person outreach events.

2000 - PRESENT

Independent Agency

In 2000, Mennonite Brethren Communications began operating under the name of Family Life Network. The new name marked the beginning of the ministry's journey to become an independent agency, separate from the Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba. The ministry was incorporated as Family Life Network Inc. in 2008.

Determined to keep pace with a changing media landscape, Family Life Network introduced digital media into its lineup of projects, producing content for various online platforms.

The ministry's most recent transition occurred in 2014 as Family Life Network Inc. became Square One World Media Inc. This shift was the culmination of a review process designed to facilitate growth, establish clarity of purpose, and differentiate the agency from other similarly-named organizations. Square One World Media Inc. builds upon a rich legacy of spreading the life-changing message of Jesus Christ through media. 

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