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In the Studio with Grant Hoeppner

We are using our film studios more now than ever before.

Last year, we had our regular filming schedule for our established programs, like Ella’s Backyard Vlog for Russian families, 180 Grados for a Spanish audience, and Secret of Life for Persian / Dari viewers. This year, we’ve added in some pilot projects and we expect some of them to become long-term projects, too.

Grant Hoeppner, Production Coordinator, is inspired by the variety: a puppet show one day, then a live show airing in Afghanistan the next; filming a newscast in front of the greenscreen, and then pilot episodes in Low German, Arabic and English.

Grant Hoeppner oversees all aspects of production in the film studios.

“I love it,” he says, laughing. “But, I mean, it’s enough to give one a little bit of whiplash!”

We have always had exceptional studio spaces here at Square One. To keep up with the high production value audiences expect, we need to keep our equipment current as well.

Grant’s wish list is long: “Well, there are things like video switchers; tripods; and camera motion devices like gimbals, jibs and sliders so we can do better live television work. And then, there are the cameras themselves…”

We’re not likely to fulfill Grant’s whole wish list, at least not all at once. But we do need to keep pace so we can keep producing high-quality media.

“If you’re a professional in the industry, you realize that the most important feedback is not about the quality of your work, but about the impact of the message on the audience,” explains Grant. “You never want poor technical quality to get in the way of the message.”

That’s why we aim for excellence. So that our audience can get the full impact of the message.

Ella’s Backyard Vlog, our Russian video program for children, has a large following among teens and young adults. Read what Daniel says about the impact of the message:

“I’m actually an atheist, but still sometimes like to watch your show. You don’t force people to believe in God, and after watching your videos, there is a really warm feeling.”

Matthew 24:14 says, “The Good News about God’s kingdom will be preached in all the world…” We have so much potential to produce programs here that do exactly that: preach the Good News in all the world.

But we can’t do it without your help. Your donation of $50, $150, $500 or whatever you’re able to give means that we can keep producing high-quality media so that more and more people hear the message of Good News.

Let’s give Grant the final word:

“I think what best describes how I feel about working here is “gratitude”. Gratitude that I can work with creative people, doing creative things… for God’s Kingdom, and for eternity.”

For God’s Kingdom, and for eternity!

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