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Introducing Emily Wiebe

We are pleased to welcome Emily Wiebe as our new Manager of Development. She comes to us with almost 10 years of experience in fundraising and donor relations, most recently at the Assiniboine Park Conservancy that operates Winnipeg’s historic park and Zoo. Emily has a B.A in Sociology and Biblical & Theological Studies from Providence University College.

Emily grew up in Winnipeg where she attended Christian school before going to Capernwray Bible School in England. She has always had a strong faith, and is thankful for God’s faithfulness and steady guidance. “When there have been huge changes in my life, I often look back and see that God was there,’ she says. “I sense God’s presence in the calmness of those times.”

As the new Manager of Development, Emily looks forward to learning from her new colleagues and increasing fundraising so that Square One’s ministry can grow. She is intrigued by the concept that media brings the Gospel to people and places in the world that you couldn’t reach physically. “I think that is incredibly unique and exciting,” she says.

Emily lives in the neighbourhood and is pleased that she can walk to work. She enjoys spending time with family, including her young nieces and nephews. She put in a huge garden this summer, has a lot of houseplants, and hopes to add a dog to the list of living things she presently cares for.

Welcome, Emily.

Emily Wiebe started her new job with a celebration, receiving flowers on her first day.

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