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New in 2019, A Skoop of Life radio program brings us back to… Square One

The Square One ministry began in 1947 with one weekly radio program, Gospel Light Hour. Even though our founders were from a German-speaking background, they chose to broadcast in English so the local people of Winnipeg could hear God’s Word. Since 1947, many programs in different languages and formats have been added and evolved. The last English language radio program for adults, God Talk co-hosted by David Balzer, ended in 2009.

Ten years later, we are proud to go back to our English language radio roots…    

Introducing A Skoop of Life with host Sherryl Koop, a 15-minute radio program featuring personal stories of God’s faithfulness, spiritual insights by Sherryl, and the music of local and Canadian musicians.

Sherryl treasures friendships and savours adventure. A born storyteller, she has a story for every occasion. She believes that stories are an effective way for each listener to hear just what God has for them in that moment.

Hannah Arendt, 20th Century political scientist, said, “Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.”

In Southern Manitoba, listen to A Skoop of Life on Sunday evenings at 8:30 pm on CFAM 950 AM, CHSM 1250 AM, or CJRB 1220 AM.

Anywhere else in the world, go to (CFAM 950), (CHSM 1250), or (CJRB 1220) at 8:30 pm (CT) on Sundays to hear A Skoop of Life live-streamed.

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