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New Video from Micah’s Super Vlog

“Show and Smell” is the 30th Micah’s Super Vlog video to be released since 2014. And at a length of 12 minutes, it’s the longest single video so far!

“I really like how funny this one is,” says Girish Manuel, Micah’s Super Vlog creator and producer. “Lots of slapstick. And there’s even animals in the show for the first time! A skunk and a turtle!”

The trouble starts when Micah brings a fish hat to “Show and Tell” and the kids in his class start calling him Fish Boy. Then his friend, Gabe, gets sprayed by a skunk and the other kids call him Stink Boy. When the kids see Micah and Gabe together, they call them Stink Pals.

Nicknames can hurt, even if they are deserved. But no matter how many labels you get slapped with, there is only one that matters. When you accept Jesus as your Lord, you become a Child of God!

Says Girish, “I hope that kids get a really great laugh. But most importantly, I hope they feel encouraged: knowing that even if they get called names at school, it doesn’t define who they are. They can be given a new name in Christ!”

"Show and Smell" will be released in early fall, be sure to watch our social media channels for updates!

Next on the docket for Girish and his team are 3 “Mailbag” videos that teach Bible lessons by answering questions from fans about all kinds of things. Each “Mailbag” video also features some of the artwork kids draw and share with us.

A Thanksgiving video is planned for later this year.