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Non-Banquet Ideal for Time of Social Distancing

Media has become crucially important in sharing the Gospel during this year of pandemic. Just read what Alexander of Venezuela writes on our Encuentro Facebook Page:

"I want to reconcile with God. Due to the coronavirus, the churches are closed. I have a Bible but I don't know where to start. Please, can you guide me?"

Just as media can replace person-to-person ministry right now, our annual Non-Banquet is ideally suited for this year of social distancing and isolation.

Back in the 1970s, we heard the complaint that there were too many fundraising banquets; too many ministries competing for your time.

The beauty of our Non-Banquet for all these years has been that you didn’t have to attend one more event, we didn’t have to keep costs down by serving one more bland chicken dinner, and all the money raised went straight to the ministry.

It was a win/win situation.

But this year, when social calendars are emptier, many people would love an evening out. They might even appreciate the bland chicken dinner!

If we could physically gather for a banquet in 2020, what would we hope to achieve?

To honour God

To encourage one another

To hear how God is at work in the ministry

To invite you to support the ministry

We can still do those things. We can still band together as a community and support something significant.

It can still be a win/win situation.

As Christians, we believe that Jesus is the foundation for community. And as long as we remain in Jesus with humility, our ministry will be effective.

So please, join us at our 43rd Annual Non-Banquet, and give generously to support what God is doing through the ministry.


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