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A Growing Audience for A Skoop of Life

Our newest English language program, A Skoop of Life, is gaining a following as it nears the halfway mark of Year One on the air. Based on the comments received on social media by Sherryl Koop, host of Skoop, listeners come from a variety of ages, backgrounds, and regions in the world – from Europe, Latin America, the U.S.A., and more.

At this time, the program can only be heard at 8:30 p.m. CDT on Sundays, either on one of three Golden West radio stations in Southern Manitoba, or live-streamed through their websites. Sherryl says, “right after the show every week, my phone goes crazy – people texting with comments.“

One couple told Sherryl they have a regular Sunday evening commitment; they PVR A Skoop of Life through their television satellite provider so they can listen to it later.

“I didn’t expect people to have such a high level of commitment,” Sherryl says.

Not only from listeners, but also from the program’s financial supporters. Like the listeners, they are from a wide variety of backgrounds: those who know Sherryl personally, and those who don’t. Those who live in Southern Manitoba, and those who don’t. Those who profess faith in Jesus Christ, and those who don’t.

Throughout the month of April, Sherryl focused on stories of joy and sorrow. A senior from Winnipeg, Canada commented: “Thank you for tackling the topic of joy and sorrow, and for allowing your voice to express the sorrow you felt.”

A young couple from Edmonton, Canada commented on the same series: “Great story today. The hope we have in God when there are no answers to our questions came through loud and clear. Thank you.”

Join the crowd. Listen to A Skoop of Life with host Sherryl Koop on Sunday evenings at 8:30 p.m., CDT.

CFAM 950 (Altona)

CHSM 1250 (Steinbach)

CJRB 1220 (Boissevain)


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