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An Exciting New Opportunity For Micah’s Super Vlog

We are excited to announce that Micah’s Super Vlog has become a production of Minno (formerly JellyTelly), a Nashville-based media company that provides engaging Christian resources for families. Many things will stay the same: the characters, voices, and Girish at the helm. But, with Minno’s plan for a larger production team, more cartoons will be produced each year.

Micah’s Super Vlog was created in 2014 by Girish Manuel who recruited cartoonist Stu Hunnable, voice actor Eric Boorman, songwriter and studio technician David Miller, and a talented cast of volunteers. The project quickly became a world-class cartoon, with fans all over the globe. To meet the growing demand for more content, Minno offered to oversee future production in partnership with Girish. Our management and board prayerfully agreed.

We want to say thank you to the Square One community for your part in growing this project; we could not have done it without you. We will continue promoting Micah’s Super Vlog content created before 2021 online and through streaming services around the world.

Micah's Super Vlog from 2014 to 2020.


Girish first came to Square One in 2011 to illustrate Helen Funk’s Low German Bible Story books for children. The books were a great success: children and their parents loved how accessible the stories and pictures were.

The idea to produce a cartoon out of the illustrations seemed like the next logical step. Girish went to work to create a cartoon that would be a vehicle to tell Bible stories. The ideas and creativity flowed and eventually resulted in Micah’s Super Vlog, the popular cartoon that uses humour and the everyday situations kids face to teach sound biblical principles.

The project that started it all: Celebrating the release of Helen Funk’s 2nd Low German Children’s Bible Story book in 2013. Shown, from left: Jacob Funk (Director of Low German projects), Gwendolyn Penner (book designer), Girish Manuel, and Helen Funk.

Girish explains, “I wanted to make something that was funny enough to have appealed to me as a kid. I always loved the after-school cartoons, so I thought I would draw in kids that way and give them the Gospel.”

Girish first connected with Stu at an animation festival in 2010. They discovered that they both loved God and they both loved to draw. When the opportunity to create a cartoon at Square One came along, Girish knew he had to bring Stu on board. Even though Stu was living in England at the time, Girish contacted him to come join the team. Then, as Girish wondered how to find voice actors, he discovered that his co-worker Eric was born to be in cartoons but never expected to get the chance.

Girish says, “Eric was across the hall. Stu was across the sea. And somehow God brought the right people together at the right time.”

The creative team behind the cartoon: Stu Hunnable (far left), Girish Manuel (2nd from right), and Eric Boorman (far right) celebrate with the volunteer voice cast in 2016.

“We invite children to come to the kingdom,” explains Shoaib. “Not to Micah’s Super Vlog’s kingdom, or to Girish’s or Minno’s or Square One’s kingdom… but to God’s Kingdom. And so we bless you, Girish, as a servant of God. We will be your fans. We want to see you flourish.

To hear the news in the words of Micah's Super Vlog creator Girish Manuel, watch the "Micah's Super Vlog: Special Announcement" video below: