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Art Auction Raises Funds for Ella's Backyard Production

Karolina Nikitina, a 10-year-old artist from Russia, has already exhibited privately as well as with other promising young artists. Her biggest opportunities so far came from exhibitions held at the Moscow Academy of Art where she was the youngest exhibitor, and at the Moscow International Performing Arts Center in 2019.

Karolina Nikitina, Artist

Karolina’s mother is Albina Nikitina, the co-producer of “Ella’s Backyard Vlog” in Winnipeg. Albina remembers that it all began when Karolina was just 18 months old. “I gave her the materials to paint because I thought it would be fun for her,” she explains. “We talked about winter, and then she painted the snow. She didn’t just use white paint, but added undertones of blue and yellow and pink. She saw the colours underneath that most of us don’t see.”

From that early beginning, Karolina has grown into a prolific painter. She says she was born with ideas and paints to respond emotionally to the world around her. What she feels, what she sees, and what she hears all become the inspiration for her paintings.

In Russia, she loved painting at her grandmother’s house in the country; and with Mikhail Korda, the artist who began teaching her when she was 3. Karolina moved to Winnipeg with her family in 2019 and now studies with Jill Peters McGillivray. Karolina says, “In Canada, my favourite place to paint is at my new teacher’s art studio. I hope I can have my own studio one day.” 

Albina is extremely proud and supportive of her talented daughter. She is also pleased for Karolina’s opportunity to show her work through the Art Auction. She says, “What is important to me is to give opportunity and encouragement so she can develop, but not push her so much that she loses her joy or her own style.”

Karolina plays the voice of "Ella" in Square One World Media’s Russian language children’s program, Ella’s Backyard Vlog. She says, “I feel good and happy to donate my paintings. And I’m glad to be a part of the Ella’s Backyard project.”


What: Online Silent Art Auction

When: November 2020

Artist: Karolina Nikitina (the voice of ”Ella” on Ella’s Backyard Vlog)

Purpose: To raise funds for the “Ella’s Backyard” ministry while also raising awareness and encouragement for the artist.

How it works: 21 paintings will be posted online, with a starting bid for each one. People from all over the world can view the paintings and then raise the bid throughout the month. View a virtual exhibition gallery here.

View Online Auction