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Back to Square One - the documentary is complete!

The one minute trailer for the film

In the spring of 2021, Rein Cabalquinto, Communications and Production assistant, was introduced to the archive room at Square One. Almost 75 years of photos, print material, audio and film recordings – in whatever style and format was the norm for each decade - is filed in shelves, drawers and boxes.

Where other people might have been overwhelmed with the quantity and variety of information, Rein saw potential.

“This is fascinating!” he said. “It needs to be documented. And then shared with people!”

Soon after, talk began about our upcoming 75th anniversary. Still thinking about the archive room, Rein said, “We’re a media company. Why not make a documentary?”

Why not, indeed!

The making of the documentary began. Back into the archives we went, searching for information and inspiration. We drummed up older interviews on audio and video tapes. And we filmed new interviews with more than 20 people with a past or present connection to the ministry.

Rein (Editor and Assistant Director of Photography), Ingrid (Project Director and Writer) and Grant (Director of Photography and Assistant Editor) review an early draft of the film.

What a privilege to hear their stories! Of goals accomplished. Of lives impacted and transformed. Of challenges overcome. Of God’s miraculous and surprising provision again and again.

There were painful stories, too. Of endings and leavings. Of times when the prayed-for miracle did not seem to happen.

And yet, through every story, we heard about God continually bringing the ministry back to square one.

  • Back to the commission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Back to the central purpose of building God’s Kingdom, not ours.

  • Back to the power of the Holy Spirit to transform lives.

The first part of Rein’s vision has been completed. The history contained in the archive room has been documented. Now it’s time for the second part – to share it with people everywhere.

Join us in October and November, in person or online, at a screening of Back to Square One.

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