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Do Not Give Up! Do Not Grow Weary!

2019 has been a full and rich year at Square One as we have shared the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ through media around the world.

We love it when people from our audience let us know that our media has made all the difference in the world for them.

Here are just three of the stories that show how lives were changed because we shared the Gospel:

"Seven years ago, I started listening to Encuentro and the testimonies touched my heart. Today, I watched 180 Grados on cable channel 44 in Lima, Peru, and I reconciled with the Lord. Now I want to live for Christ and be a witness in my country for how God restores lives."

- A Letter from Marco in Peru

"My 5-year-old just came to Christ after watching the five-minute “Micah’s Super Vlog” devotional on JellyTelly. When it was time to pray at the end, he prayed for forgiveness and asked Jesus into his heart. So glad we found this! It engages my children so much!

I ordered ALL the “Micah’s Super Vlog” books. 2 of my children struggle with reading (because they can’t find anything “good” to read) and they can’t put these books down!

THANK YOU. God is using your talents for great works in the hearts of many children!"

- Leslie, commenting on Instagram

"Several months ago, I connected through Whatsapp with a man who watches my Ekj Ran videos. He told me that he had betrayed his wife. He was tired of his sinful lifestyle, but didn't know the way out. I told him that there is forgiveness through Jesus. Right then, on the phone, he invited Jesus into his life – and he felt so light. His wife also wanted to know about Jesus and I prayed with her, too. Everything seemed so quick and unreal, but I could feel the change in them. Since then, they are seeing a Christian counselor in their area, and they have found a church where they can grow as a couple. We messaged again today, and he is excited about sharing Jesus with the rest of his family."

- Eduard Giesbrecht, Producer of Ekj Ran - a show for Low German speaking youth


Join us in the excitement of investing in the amazing things God is doing:

  • Invest in the immediate – help us meet our financial commitments in the moment.

  • Invest in the eternal – help us share the Word of God and invite people into a life-transforming relationship with Jesus.

As 2019 comes to a close, we appeal to you to help us with a year-end donation so we can finish the year in a strong position. Let us continue serving God together in 2020.

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