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Ella's Backyard Viewership Continuing to Grow

In the midst of all the social restrictions this spring, views on the Ella’s Backyard YouTube channel surged to about 100,000 per month! Whether through desperation, boredom, or serendipity – that’s a lot of families hearing about God in an uncertain time!

The first Ella’s Backyard Vlog video produced with the new set in our studio was released in May. It tells kids that God knows all their fears and sorrows, and cares about them in this time of quarantine. One viewer writes, “This video is so appropriate for what’s going on in the world nowadays!”

Producers Garri and Albina plan to release one new video per week. The new series features Albina’s daughter as the voice of “Ella”.

Check out the Ella's Backyard channel on YouTube here.


From the producers of Ella’s Backyard and Micah’s Super Vlog

A Russian translation of the Micah’s Super Vlog “Armor of God” music video was recently released on the Ella’s Backyard YouTube channel. Thanks to Garri, Albina, Girish, and Dave M. for introducing Micah and his friends to a Russian family audience.