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Ernesto & Marina Serve Pastor Couples in Honduras

Ernesto and Marina Pinto led a Pastor Couples’ Retreat in Honduras from February 27-29. They are passionate about training pastors, but also about giving them and their spouses a time of rest and fellowship.

Half of the participants were first time attenders; they left encouraged and blessed by all the attention and teaching they received. One young woman who was there for the first time said she has been listening to Encuentro ever since she was 13 years old. It aired at 12:30 in the afternoon. Every day, she ran home from school so she wouldn’t miss the program. She was thrilled to finally be able to meet Pastor Ernesto in person!

A woman from Guatemala said she listens to Encuentro Familiar every day on “Radio Cultural.” She likes the programs and the songs because they speak of hope for each woman.

Pastors in Central America come to the retreats for some much-needed theological training. While they are there, they also receive the challenge, the tools and the prayer support to grow in their relationship with God, their spouse and their families – things that are all too easy to set aside while pastors deal with the urgent demands of their communities.

After the retreat, one pastor wrote, "I have learned a lot, and it fills me with satisfaction to see how God worked in marriages, dealing with everyday issues like finances and so on. THANK YOU for this time together, for your dedication and service ... for everything".

46 couples and 8 single pastors attended the event. Many expressed that Encuentro is the only ministry that specifically supports pastors. They also talked about the impact the Encuentro radio programs have, and 5 radio stations that broadcast our programs sent representatives.

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