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Introducing Brian Reimer

We are pleased to welcome Brian Reimer on staff as our new IT Technician. Along with a B.Sc. degree with a major in Computer Science, Brian has 35 years of IT experience. His technical expertise and support while many of us began working remotely from home during the Covid-19 crisis has already been invaluable. We look forward to working with him in the office under less stressful circumstances.

Brian was raised in a Christian home and remembers putting his faith in Jesus as a teenager at a Barry Moore crusade. He remembers the altar call, and experiencing a physical tug-of-war for his soul. “When I said ‘yes’ to Jesus, joy, love and peace flooded my soul as I ran to the altar,” he recalls. Brian and his wife have always been actively involved in their church, and he says his faith grew significantly when he became a Church Elder and Board Member.

As someone who has always worked in secular settings, Brian is thrilled to work in an organization where love for God is key. He is excited to be part of Square One’s ministry: “… to lead others to Christ and grow in their relationship with him… What is more important than that?” He believes that the Holy Spirit gifts each person uniquely. “Background support people and frontline ministry people need each other, and together we are more effective than we can be on our own.”

Brian is from the Canadian prairie region and has lived in places like Brandon, Regina, and Winnipeg. Although he is not a fan of the bitter cold prairie winters, he does enjoy watching the sunrises and sunsets over the prairies. He says, “It feels like a privilege to watch the Master paint the sky. And like many things with God, you have to stop and look up to see it, or you miss the blessing.”

He enjoys gardening, seeing humour in the moment, and collecting and graphing data to look for insights in the patterns and trends. Brian is not sure if there are pets in heaven. But if there are, he would like a Bengal Tiger. He likes both the familiar orange ones and the rarer white ones. So maybe, one of each.

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