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Irene Marsch is Going Places on WhatsApp

Irene was disappointed when her teaching and ministry trip in March was cut short because of Covid-19. She had planned to share her books with Low German-speaking women in several communities in Mexico. The women were also disappointed, and they asked if they could at least listen to the books on WhatsApp.

God doesn’t waste anything – not even our disappointment! 

A missionary who works in Mexico began sending one chapter at a time of Irene’s books (God Gives Me the Privilege to Be a Woman and Tears and Grief) to the ladies’ sewing groups in Durango where Irene visited in March, and in Cuahautemoc and Casas Grandes where Irene had to cancel. Now the groups use the chapters as a weekly Bible Study. Some of them include as many as 30 women. In turn, many of the women send the chapters on to their friends, and so on. With ladies’ groups in Paraguay receiving the chapters as well, there’s no way to know how many women are actually receiving the material! 

Irene has always included a recorded version on CDs in the jacket of each of her books because not all the people who receive them are confident readers. She never expected her books to be distributed as a voice recording on social media. But when the need arose, God had already prepared the way.  

Irene says, “Isolation and Covid-19 are hard. At the same time, people become creative, and I trust that the people who are listening are being blessed. I had no idea about putting a book on WhatsApp!”

Irene had permission to visit three difference communities in Mexico. But because of the pandemic, the message in her books is going to places where she would never be able to go. God doesn’t waste anything!

A woman who heard Irene teach in Durango, Mexico in March, 2020, writes: “I was so sad when the lessons with Irene Marsch were over. I could have listened for much longer. When she speaks, it goes right from her heart into mine."