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Irene Marsch releases book about Grieving

Irene Marsch’s latest Low German book, “Tronen un Trua” (Tears and Grief), premiered in Winkler, Manitoba, when Irene presented to a group of single mothers on March 4, 2020.

Irene travels extensively among Low German-speaking women and has deep compassion and understanding of their unique health challenges, as well as their spiritual and emotional needs.

On a teaching tour among Low German-speaking women and teen girls in Mexico this month, Irene shared from her books and instructed on a variety of health topics. Her trip was cut short because of COVID-19. While this is not what Irene expected, she believes the trip was still worth it because of significant conversations she had with women while she was there.

As well, Irene was in Mexico at the right time to teach people in Low German communities about the Corona Virus and how to protect themselves from it. They had heard about it, but no one had explained it to them in their own language.

As on other tours, Irene’s books were very popular, and all copies of “My Body, a Gift from God” were given out within the first week. She is very thankful to the Lord that her latest book, “Tears and Grief”, was completed on time to be taken along to Mexico and introduced there.

Irene writes and illustrates on topics that often go unspoken in ultra-conservative communities. Her latest book on grieving is no exception. Congratulations, Irene, on releasing “Tears and Grief”. Thanks to Nora Plett, Stu Hunnable, David Miller and many others for their hard work in getting this book published on time to be featured in Mexico this month.

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