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Latest Series from Ella's Backyard to be produced in Winnipeg


There are very few Christian programs being produced for children in the Russian language.

It’s as though Russian media is a desert for Christian children’s programming! And yet, many families are eager to learn more about Jesus. They want their children to learn Christian values. They are looking for something that brings joy and gives hope.

That’s why the Ella’s Backyard videos are so important. And why our audience is so eager to watch each episode as it is released.

We don’t want to disappoint them!

The new series, “Ella’s Backyard Vlog”, is based on the title character from the original Ella’s Backyard series. Using puppets and computer graphics, Ella will video call with experts and friends as she explores her world through science, contemporary music and Scripture.

The target age for “Ella’s Backyard Vlog” is 8 – 12 year olds.

This age group is independent enough to choose what they watch, thoughtful enough to interact online, and mature enough to consider questions of faith.

We are surrounded by many things that are new and exciting here in Square One’s Winnipeg studio. At the same time, we have a task before us that is quite daunting. Pray for us to make “Ella’s Backyard Vlog” a reality so that many more children will learn about Jesus.

As you pray, please consider supporting the project with a generous donation.

Contribute $50, $100, $200 or more to the ongoing production costs. Or join the excitement of setting up the studio with a donation of $1,000, $2,000 or more for the lights, electrical, green screen, or set construction.

Whatever you give, know that we can’t do this without you.

Know that God will use your contribution to help us share the love of Jesus with Russian-speaking children around the world!

Spasibo (Thank you),

Garri Sergienko & Albina Nikitina