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Micah’s Super Vlog featured on the AllStarsGO BIG SHOW

“Gabe’s Donut Dilemma” is the latest Micah’s Super Vlog video, released just on time for Canadian Thanksgiving. It will be featured on AllStars Kids Club’s huge live TV show on Saturday, October 31 at 6pm, UK time.

Timed to be watched live on Halloween, and with a theme of “hope”, the Allstars GO BIG SHOW will be 2 hours of fun, music and entertainment that teaches kids about Jesus! For more information, check out:

AllStars Kids Club is a kids’ media and worship ministry, based in the United Kingdom, that has been streaming Micah’s Super Vlog cartoons since 2019. The people at AllStars Kids Club are committed to providing, highlighting and producing the best in creative media for kids so that children all over the world can know and worship God. We are pleased to partner with another non-profit ministry that aims to bless kids and families with the good news of Jesus.