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Introducing Milana! A new cast member for Ella's Backyard Vlog

Ella’s Backyard Vlog is pleased to introduce a new character - Milana from Milan, Italy - as a regular on the show. Milana likes to video call Ella and chat about popular songs, videos and the latest news about movie stars, musicians, and other celebrities. As a Christian, Milana especially likes to follow the stars who talk about their faith in God.

Explains Garri, co-producer of Ella’s Backyard Vlog, “Many Russians remember the soviet atheistic propaganda and think of Protestant Christians as a peculiar sect. We want to show that there are many people in the world – including celebrities – who believe in Jesus, and that faith is not only for outcasts."

In the first two episodes with the new character, Milana tells the audience all about Justin Bieber’s recent testimony where he talks about how broken and worthless he felt until he encountered the love of Jesus. And so, through Milana who tells the story and Smart Assistant Phil who translates portions of the testimony into Russian, Ella and her viewers get to hear Justin Bieber share the Good News of the Gospel message.

“There's nobody like You, Jesus… / Oh, I've tried it all / Nothing could fix the damage in my heart / 'Til I met Your love…” - Justin Bieber (from "Where You Go I Follow")

“Everybody in Russia knows Justin Bieber,” says Garri, “but very few have heard him talk about how Jesus changed his life. When a famous artist sings about God, and when they talk about Jesus - we want to share about that.”

Based on the high number of views, new subscribers and shares, the response to the videos with Milana has been really positive.