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Micah’s Super Vlog Breaks Out in Chapters

No, not a rare medical condition. Not a retail chain. And not a publicity stunt. After growing a following on video for 5 years, Micah and his friends have burst onto the book scene. In a collaborative effort, the MSV chapter books are written by Andy McGuire of JellyTelly Press and illustrated by MSV creator Girish Manuel of Square One.

“Micah’s Got Talent” and “The Big Fail” are the first two of four books planned for release this year. Each book tells a story of Micah and his friends that is true to the video characters, and is filled with the same laughter and surprise that MSV fans have come to love. Each book includes over 70 illustrations, activities, side features, and a clear message of salvation.

While Girish is pleased that MSV has made its debut in the publishing world, he is thrilled that the Gospel message will be brought into even more homes through this new medium.

The books are written at a grade 4 level, but we know they will be loved by readers of all ages. Order your copies through and (okay, so maybe it is a retail chain). Prepare to be enthralled.

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