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New episodes of 180 Grados

180 Grados host Ernesto Pinto will be recording the studio segments for 8 new episodes of the TV program, 180 Grados (180 Degrees) this summer. Producers David Pinto and Grant Hoeppner will combine the studio portions with guest interviews captured on recent ministry trips.

Grant has often travelled with Ernesto to record interviews for 180 Grados. He explains that, even though they’re not able to travel and film new interviews at this time, they have some guest interviews “in the can” from recent trips.

“These are great interviews,” says Grant. “The reason we haven’t used them yet is because we never want to release a bunch of episodes in a row with interviews from the same location. The audience is from all over, so they want to see that the guests on the program are from all over, too.” The new episodes for 2020 will include the faith stories of people living in Ecuador, Peru, Honduras and Tenerife, Spain.

Nicole Duerksen, Spanish ministry administrator, is thrilled about the new development. “This is huge for us… we thought we would not be able to produce any TV programs this year. So just pray for the production, and that people can be blessed and encouraged in their faith journey through the new programs.”

Another new initiative for 2020: Nicole is posting an episode of 180 Grados on the Encuentro Facebook page every Thursday at 11:00 am.

Left: On the set of 180 Grados, Marina Pinto applies make-up to Ernesto Pinto before recording one of the studio segments for the TV program.

Right: The Spanish ministry team in 2019, from left: Heriberto Ayala, Nicole Duerksen, Grant Hoeppner, David Pinto, Marina Pinto, Ernesto Pinto.