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Online Professional Development for Marina Pinto and Heriberto Ayala

In February and March, Marina Pinto and Heriberto Ayala joined 80 other participants from all over Latin America and Spain in the 8-week, online radio production course: Producion y Realizacion Integral de Radio.

The course was sponsored by The Gospel Media Ministry, Oral Roberts University, and COICOM (a confederation of Latin American Christian communicators) to equip radio hosts and technical producers to perform with excellence and professionalism. The instructor, Jonatan Bogacki from Argentina, is a long-time radio and television producer with Gospel Media.

Marina has been part of COICOM for many years – her husband, Ernesto Pinto, was a founding member and is still on the board – so when she heard about the course, she was excited to register and sharpen her skills.

"I feel so good about taking this course," says Marina. "It's exactly what I needed!"

One important area for her was the class on conducting interviews. “I have new ideas now, and I feel confident that it will help me do more exceptional work, all for the glory of God.”

Heriberto appreciates that the course helped him stay current with what’s new in media and broadcasting. He particularly enjoyed learning more about online radio stations and how to produce a podcast.

“It helped me for the new Encuentro podcast I’m developing. Also, I’m encouraged that one day soon Encuentro radio will be online,” says Heriberto.

As the speaker on Encuentro Familiar since 2016, Marina appreciated the practical tips for having a strong and clear speaking voice: 1) do drink something warm like tea to stimulate the muscles, and 2) do not eat chocolate before speaking because it coats the tongue and voice box.

Heriberto joined Square One World Media in 2019 to edit the Spanish Realidad radio program with speaker Dr. Jorge Oscar Sanchez in California. Since then, Heriberto’s work has expanded to include technical production of some of our other Spanish media projects, as well as some guest spots as speaker and host.