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Putting the Time in Quarantine to Good Use

Ernesto and Marina returned home from Honduras in mid-March. They have traveled internationally many times before. But this time, after arriving in Winnipeg, they found themselves confined at home for two weeks because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was not what Ernesto and Marina planned, but God is putting their time in quarantine to good use. They are hosting a daily show on Facebook Live to encourage people with words of hope from Scripture. Ernesto’s voice is well-recognized among Spanish-speakers worldwide. He has proven to be trustworthy and fearless many times in the past, so people are willing to trust him now. At a time when anxiety is running high and many people are living in isolation, connecting through Facebook is literally a Godsend. The live show is only a few days old, but already people are connecting from all over Latin Americas, as well as Europe and Asia. Radio stations are also connecting at a growing rate. On Tuesday morning, March 24, multiple radio stations from 5 different countries were tuned in. More are joining every day. Ernesto is also speaking live on Spanish radio stations in the evenings. Who could have known that this year, right now, media would become the best – or even the only – way for people to connect. The world has been taken by surprise by all that is happening in 2020. But God has been preparing Ernesto and Marina for years so that right now, exactly in this time of crisis, they are positioned to offer the message of hope in Jesus Christ that people are ready to hear. Join the Ernesto Pinto Facebook page Monday to Friday morning at 9:30 and connect with people around the world. Spanish would be an asset.

Says Ernesto, "This extraordinary time in which we are living right now gives us opportunities that come from heaven, moments to celebrate the revival that God has placed in our hearts. Marina and I are working from home. Normally we go to the world with the message of salvation through Radio, TV and family restoration events. These days "the world" has come to our house to ask us about the hope we have: '... which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.' (Col. 1:27)"


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