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Shoaib Ebadi: A Christian Leader Speaks Out for Peace in Afghanistan

Shoaib Ebadi interviews a guest via video chat on Raze Zindagi (Secret of Life), the Persian/Dari language program produced at Square One that airs live in Afghanistan and Iran on Friday evenings to offer hope and life in Jesus Christ.

An interview with Shoaib Ebadi, Square One’s Executive Director, was featured in an article by John Longhurst in The Winnipeg Free Press on August 16 after news that the Taliban has taken control of much of Afghanistan, including the capital city of Kabul.

Shoaib was born in Afghanistan but fled the country’s violence as a young man. Living as a refugee in Pakistan but hoping to immigrate to North America, he joined an English Bible study as a way to learn the language. He did learn English but – more significantly – he learned that the Bible is the true Word of God! Shoaib immigrated to Canada in 2000 and began sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ at every opportunity, including with fellow Dari/Persian speakers.

Along with uneasiness for friends and family still living in Afghanistan, Shoaib is concerned for people who are especially at risk under Taliban rule: women and girls, as well as religious minorities like Christians. "I think God hears the cries of the women and children. I think God is weeping over the situation," he says in the article by Longhurst. Shoaib goes on to to acknowledge that it's hard to understand God's will right now for Afghanistan.

"At the same time I always believe there is hope, to my last breath, that God will have mercy and rescue those who can’t rescue themselves. I have to have hope in the midst of this despair."

Shoaib asks Canadians to pray for peace for Afghanistan and for wisdom for world leaders. And he asks that Canadians not forget about the Afghan people who are voiceless and suffering in this fast-moving situation.

Other Christian and secular news outlets are also contacting Shoaib, giving him a unique opportunity to speak out as a Christian peacemaker on behalf of Afghans and people everywhere in the world living in regions of turmoil and unrest.

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