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Square One Talks: Faith with Impact

Introducing our new video series, Square One Talks, where people are talking about the things people are talking about.

The first episode of Square One Talks launched on YouTube on January 21. In this new series, host Shoaib Ebadi invites Christians who have a stake in the big stories making the news to speak from a faith perspective.

Eli Melsness is both a camera operator and the program editor for the new talk show. He explains, “We hear about these stories, but we don’t really know how they impact real people. This is a chance to dive deeper. And to learn. I heard a lot of things in these interviews that I just didn’t know!”

The first episode is about Canada’s residential schools with guests Alfred and Lynda Flett, an Indigenous couple who actively work to support those who suffer from the trauma of this legacy. “I like how it feels very real,” says Eli. “They get right down to the point. And they’re not afraid to let their emotions show because this issue is very personal to them.”

Square One Talks is a way for Christians to hear significant conversations and become informed about challenging issues. It’s a way to consider what a Christian response might be to the difficult things that impact people around the world.

Host Shoaib Ebadi hopes that his audience will gain a better understanding of these significant issues, whether they are social, political or spiritual, so that they can have a change in perspective. But even more than that, he believes that all Canadians – whether they are followers of Jesus or not – have the duty and the desire to change society to be better for all.

“A change of attitude is good, but it has to lead to action," says Shoaib. "We must act to do good. We must act to change the situation!”

The purpose of Square One Talks is to help viewers listen to others and grow in understanding. These are first steps in gaining the kind of courage and compassion that leads to change.

Emotional. Thought-provoking. Impactful. Watch the first episode here.

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