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Staff changes for the Spanish Department

By Ingrid Koss

The Spanish team says farewell to Nicole and welcomes Viola and Heriberto. From left: Nicole Duerksen, Viola Ayala, Heriberto Ayala, Marina Pinto, Ernesto Pinto.

After more than 19 years as the administrative assistant for the Spanish projects, Nicole Duerksen is retiring from her work at Square One. Everyone on staff has been blessed by Nicole's servant heart. The Spanish team, especially, will miss her consistent commitment to excellence, her attention to detail, and her willingness to learn the next new thing..

Says Marina Pinto, producer of Encuentro Familiar, "Firstly, I admire Nicole for her love and commitment to serve the Lord among the Spanish people. I love the way she's well organized in every area of her work and keeps on top of every detail. I'm going to miss her as a co-worker, and I will miss her day-to-day friendship. These are just a few thoughts as I express my gratitude to her."

Heriberto Ayala has been working one day a week as a production assistant with the Spanish department since 2017. He will now triple his hours, taking over the social media pages, as well as spending more time on production.

Heriberto has always been drawn to work in communications and feels strongly that the Encuentro ministry is God’s work. “What I especially love through my work with Encuentro is counselling listeners,” he says.. “And now that I am working three days a week, I can be more connected with listeners, with radio stations, and with my co-workers.”

Viola Ayala is the new administrative assistant for the Spanish projects. She says, “I look forward to working with Square One and Encuentro because I am now part of a ministry that gives people the chance to meet Jesus. It is just wonderful.”

We wish God's blessings on Nicole, Heriberto, and Viola in this season of change.

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