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Starting the New Year with potential

A new 12 month calendar just went up on the wall outside our film studio. How exciting to see a huge blank slate – all those clean and empty spaces – knowing they will be scheduled with impactful projects, month by month, as the year unfolds. Along with our established and ongoing programs, we have some new projects in the works.


On Square One Talks, host Shoaib Ebadi invites Christian leaders to speak on current events from a faith perspective. People who have a stake in the big stories making the news are invited to “talk about the things people are talking about” and share what it means for them to live as followers of Christ in those circumstances. The first video – about Residential Schools in Canada – releases on YouTube on January 21, 2022. Watch the trailer here.

Our newest English-language children’s program is still in the development stage. We’re excited to partner with Jordan Evans, a Winnipeg-based camp leader and storyteller, to produce Tales from Cottonwood Trails. The new project combines cartoon art with live action to teach kids what it means to live for God. Stay tuned to learn more about this fun project.

Another new project for 2022 is the 75th anniversary documentary with the working title, Back to Square One. What better way for a media organization to mark 75 years of producing Christ-centred media. A screening event will be held in the autumn.


We are producing episodes of our Spanish video program again after putting a pause on filming during the pandemic. 180 Grados (180 Degrees) challenges and inspires viewers to build healthy relationships with God, family and community. Guests are invited to share stories of God’s life-changing work in their lives. Interviews are filmed onsite in a variety of locations in Latin America and the USA, making them relevant to viewers no matter where they live.


As exciting as it is to start new ventures, we also have several programs that have come to an end. Realidad (Reality), the Spanish radio program with Oscar Sanchez of California; Wajch Wiesa (The Sign Post), the Low German youth program produced in Paraguay by Sieglinde and David Toews; and A Skoop of Life, with storyteller Sherryl Koop all released final episodes at the end of 2021. We wish God’s rich blessings on Oscar, Sieglinde and Sherryl. We know they will continue sharing the love of God in their new endeavours. David will continue partnering with us to produce the weekly Low German release, Leet von de Wäakj (Song of the Week).