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The Bible Today-Ukraine: Cooperating with God on Social Media

The new video released on Instagram by The Bible Today-Ukraine had more than 11,000 views in a week. A 20-year-old Christian blogger comments, “I really needed to hear these words. I always thought God would punish me for what I had done in the past, even though I’ve repented of my sins. This video really spoke to my heart.”

Andrei of The Bible Today also hosted his first live-stream program on Instagram at the beginning of April. 120 people watched it live, and over 1,000 watched it the next day. Both of these ventures are new for 2020, and both are both getting plenty of great responses.

Says Natalia, the Director of The Bible Today, “I am grateful to God for His guidance in project planning this year. It’s a difficult time right now, but it's great to be in cooperation with God.”

Andrei live streaming on Instagram

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