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The Bible Today-Ukraine Launches Pro-Relationship Project

Natalia Chernomor is a long-time radio host and producer at The Bible Today in Ukraine. She believes that most people would like to build good relationships with the people they love, but that they don’t always know how.

“With each passing day, I saw a more urgent need for healthy and secure and loving relationships in the people around me – relationships with themselves, with God and with loved ones,” explains Natalia. “I felt a responsibility to be a part of solving it.”

In response to the need, the Pro-Relationship project was developed and launched in late 2020. The project includes a series of 3-4 minute creative and practical audio and video podcasts, accompanied by regular blog posts on the same topics.

“I listened to Natalia Chornomor for an hour and a half, non-stop. My heart was filled with delight and respect. She is incredible. Thank you for sharing this information.” – Yulia Kholodovska, Ukraine.

Natalia, the Director of The Bible Today-Ukraine, is on track to produce 30 short podcasts in 2021. Shown here with husband, Nikolai, the sound technician at The Bible Today since it began in 1995.