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The Harvest is Plentiful…

This October, we invite you to join us as we work for the Lord of the Harvest around the world.

42nd Annual Non-Banquet

Harvest: to gather crops; the season when crops are gathered; the result or consequence of any act, process or event.

Ukrainian Ministry

The Bible Today-Ukraine (TBT-Ukraine) – Online, Radio, TV and Social Media

Shelter+ – Recording Studio

Spanish Ministry

Encuentro – Radio for All Ages

Encuentro Familiar – Radio for Women

180 Grados – TV for All Ages

Realidad – Radio for All Ages

Low German Ministry

Light of the Gospel – Radio for All Ages

Health Talks with Nurse Irene – Radio for Women

Books by Irene Marsch – Books for All Ages

Ekj Ran – Radio and Online Video for Youth

Russian Ministry

Land of the Golden Sun – TV and Online Video for Kids

English Ministry

Micah’s Super Vlog – Online Animated Video for Kids

English Ministry

A Skoop of Life – Radio for All Ages

English Ministry

Beautiful Unique Girl (BUgirl) – Online Videos and Resources for Teen Girls

This year at Thanksgiving, wherever and however you make your living, we invite you to give generously to the ministries of Square One.