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The War In Ukraine: How God is using our in-country partners

With the terrible news coming out of Ukraine in the last few weeks, we think of our ministry partners at The Bible Today in Zhovti Vody, Ukraine. Led by Natalia Chernomor, they are doing everything they possibly can to help the people around them as their country is under attack from Russia:

  • uniting with Christians to pray around the clock.

  • collecting and distributing food, supplies and medical essentials.

  • feeding, sheltering and transporting defense troops.

  • setting up a bomb shelter

  • coordinating volunteers, resources and efforts

  • weaving camouflage nets

“70 years of atheism in our country deprived Ukrainians of the opportunity to believe in God. Our goal has always been to let people know that a life of faith is a legitimate option for them. Now, during these most difficult times of war, we see that more people than ever are choosing to put their trust in God!” – Natalia Chernomor

Alex Morizov was our long-time ministry partner at The Bible Today until he retired in 2019. All of his adult children are associated with Shelter+, a community ministry located in the nearby city of Kryvyi Rih. Alex's son-in-law, Sasha Romancha, reports that the people at Shelter+ are doing things similar to Natalia and her team at The Bible Today. Says Sasha, "We can't predict what will happen next, but we are preparing for the worst, hoping for the best, and believing in God's protection for our country and our people.”

More than 200 people gathered to weave camouflage nets. One woman who was working near Natalia has a son in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. She checked her text messages every hour. “My son is alive!” she breathed each time.

Dmitry started coming to the Shelter+ community centre when he was a boy. Then, as a teenager, he became a volunteer with the ministry. When the war started, Dmitry was conscripted into the army. In early March, he died defending Kharkiv. Dmitry was 19 years old.

Every day at Shelter+ starts with prayer. One day, an air raid started while they prayed. Valentina, the mother of one of the volunteers at Shelter+, did not believe in Jesus. But she says, “I was alone at home when I heard the air raid. I was overcome with panic, and I was so terrified I couldn’t move. Suddenly, I heard a voice inside: ‘Do not tremble or be terrified.’ And immediately, I felt the fear leave me as God’s peace came into my heart!”

“Things are constantly changing and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow," says Natalia. "But we are thankful for each person who prays for us."
  • Pray for the people of Ukraine who are all caught up in the horror of war.

  • Pray for the Morozovs and the team at Shelter+

  • Pray for the Chernomors and the team at The Bible Today