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Transitions at The Bible Today-Ukraine

Alex Morozov has retired after 25 years of sharing the Gospel through radio with the Ukrainian people.

In 1994, Alex found a radio station in Ukraine that would air our Russian radio program, The Bible Today. In 1995, with studio tech, Nikolai Chernomor, Alex began recording a Ukrainian version of The Bible Today. At first, Alex and Nikolai, along with Natalia Chernomor who hosted the radio program The Pages of the Bible, travelled to The Bible Today’s studio in Moscow to record. But in 1999, Square One helped our Ukrainian partners build their own studio. In December, 1999, The Bible Today-Ukraine officially registered their own studio in Zhovti Vodi, Ukraine.

Caption: At left, Alex Morozov records his radio program, The Bible Today, at our partner studio in Zhovty Vodi, Ukraine in 2018. At right, Natalia Chernomor, Alex Morozov, and Nikolai Chernomor inspect the progress on their new studio in 1999.


Meanwhile, The Bible Today’s Instagram page is growing in popularity and influence. Recognizing the potential to reach a younger generation, our partners at The Bible Today-Ukraine will continue to develop their social media initiatives in 2020.

Andrey Chernomor will continue creating the content and promoting the Instagram page, and will host videos and interviews. Julia Clack (center) will co-author the topics and continue with web marketing and design. Natalia Chernomor (right) will be Editor-in-Chief of the Instagram initiative. Natalia will also continue producing her radio program, For the Sake of Love.