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Virtual Low German Choir performs “The Blessing”

At the beginning of the pandemic, Eduard and Heidi Giesbrecht found themselves in Brazil, unable to return to their home in Bolivia. Says Eduard, “Everything was very difficult for us, and for many others.” Eduard joined a 24-Hour Prayer Chain with other local Christians. One of the worship songs he listened to while he prayed was “The Blessing”, sung by a virtual choir. He prayed for this blessing to fall over all people in the world, especially over all Low German-speaking people.

“Suddenly, the idea came that we should record the song as a virtual choir in Low German,” Eduard exclaims. “I contacted David Toews and the “Exalta Jesús” studio and they were on board right away!” With voices and musicians from many countries, the song premiered on July 24 and has already been viewed on YouTube more than 50,000 times.

Johanna from Germany comments, “Today is my birthday, and the first thing I saw was the post of this song. What a birthday present: this song in my mother tongue! Thank you.” Another viewer says, “I literally cried watching this and I just can’t stop watching it because it’s so beautiful!!!”

Eduard is our ministry partner in Bolivia. He produces “Ekj Ran” (Run the Race), a video program for young adults. David and Sieglinde Toews of “Exalta Jesús” in Paraguay partner with us to produce “Leet Von de Wäakj” (Song of the Week) and “Waijchwiesa" (The Sign Post).

Listen to “The Blessing” in Low German below.