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Wednesday staff devotions with pastors

The Wednesday Morning Staff Devotional is a long-standing tradition at Square One. Since January, we’ve been treated to a series of devotionals led by some of the pastors of our supporting churches. Since it's a pastor's job to be deep and inspirational, it feels like we’ve been bringing in the heavy hitters. And they’ve been knocking it out of the ballpark!

Week after week, the pastors have used Scripture to reveal new ways of understanding, new ways of being challenged, and new ways of releasing the things that hold us back.

“These devotionals have been so interesting to me. Many of them, I even go home and talk about them with my family,” says Nicole.

“We used to take turns sharing, but inviting all these pastors… it means we’re hearing the thinking of someone from outside of our group,” adds Grant.

All staff agree that the ‘Pastor of the Week’ series has been great: that the devotionals have been thoughtful and helpful, and that the connections made are also significant.

“These are the churches who support us,” Grant explains. “It gives them a chance to virtually walk into the building to see what we’re about.”

“Many of the pastors are familiar to me by name, but now we could see their faces,” says Nicole.

Eli explains that he hasn’t had much connection with our supporting churches before. “This is a whole new thing for me – meeting the pastors.”

Ernesto adds, “It’s good to have the pastors share with us – we can get to know them. But we should make sure they get to know us so they can bring a report back to their churches.”

Albina appreciates that we pray for the pastors and their churches, and that each pastor prays for us. “It really makes it personal,” she says. “For us to see their needs, and for them to see ours.” In the pre-pandemic days when we met in-person, we all gathered in one nook in the lunchroom. While meeting via Zoom doesn’t have the same warmth and camaraderie, it does make it possible for people from all over to attend.

We have been blessed by each pastor who took the time to prepare and share with us. Thank you to each one, and we hope it has also been meaningful for you.

Pastor Bruce Martin (Calvary Temple) | Pastor Vic Neufeld (North Kildonan M.B. Church) | Pastor Jedidiah Carpentier (Portage Avenue Church) | Pastor Carl Hoeppner (Ft. Garry M.B. Church) | Pastor Ken Stoesz (Elmwood M.B. Church) | Cam Priebe (Manitoba M.B. Churches) | Pastor Randall Krahn (Cornerstone Community Church, Flin Flon) | Pastor Greg Wiens (Westwood Community Church) | Pastor Ryan Galashan (Selkirk Community Church, Selkirk) | Pastor Terry Dueck (Winkler M.B. Church, Winkler) | Pastor Abe Klassen (Fourth Avenue Bible Church, Niverville) | Pastor Jaira Leandro (Bonnyville Pentecostal Church, Bonnyville, AB) | Pastor Walter Wiens (Clearbrook M.B. Church, Abbotsford, BC) | Pastor Mary Anne Isaak (River East Church) | Pastor John Neufeld (Eastview Community Church) | Pastor Walter Fast (Steinbach M.B. Church, Steinbach) | Pastor Konrad Loewen (Crossway Elm Creek, Elm Creek) | Pastor Denver Wilson (McIvor Avenue M.B. Church) | Pastor Andy Rapko (Salem Community Bible Church) | Pastor Joel Black (Cornerstone Alliance Church) | Pastor Mark Wilcoxson (Bethesda Church)